Hongosan Fungal Killer Review

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Nail fungus is a very difficult issue to treat. It spreads rapidly (even to other people in your household if you’re not careful) and can grow out of control before you know it.

Trips to the doctor become expensive, especially if insurance is an issue for you. That’s where the Hongosan Fungal Killer comes in.

hongosan fungal killer

According to tester feedback, it is easy to use, works in less than six weeks and is suitable for those with polished or acrylic nails.

At a reasonable price, this at-home treatment has provided stunning results for a number of users.

However, a few testers were less impressed. Some found no improvement in their nail fungus, while others disliked the company’s lack of internet presence.

Is this enough to turn us away, or are these exceptions in an otherwise great product? Before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Hongosan Fungal Killer.

Hongosan Fungal Killer: The Details


  • Item Weight: 5 oz.
  • Treatment Time: Up to 6 weeks, but could take less time.

How It Works

While fungus on your toe or fingernails can seem nearly impossible to eradicate, the Hongosan Fungal Killer treatment provides a straightforward, easy solution.

Once the bottle arrives, you can begin using it right away.


Unlike an electric treatment, there’s little to no prep work necessary with this chemical solution.

You should ensure that the affected area is clean and dry before you apply the liquid, as this will minimize the amount of other bacteria or dirt barring the solution from your nail and the fungus beneath.


Once that’s accomplished, simply brush the affected area with the fungal killer.

The included brush should be adequately coated, and then a decent amount of the solution should be painted over the top of the nail, under the nail, in the nail bed, and on any skin outside or around the nail that may also be infected.

If you have difficulty accessing the nail bed or underside of the nail, then simply poke the brush in as far as you can, without disrupting the nail more than necessary or causing yourself pain.


The solution should not be so thick that it drips off but should provide a quality layer over the affected areas.

After the solution dries, it’s recommended to wear a fresh pair of socks until the next treatment, so as to avoid spreading the fungus in the meantime.

If the fungus is present on your fingers, a pair of thin gloves is also useful. However, this isn’t mandatory.

Treatment Time

Complete this routine three times a day for six weeks for the best results. Results will vary.

As such, some people will see results immediately, while others won’t see any change until the solution is used for six weeks.

hongosan review

If you fail to see a difference after six weeks, Hongosan recommends that you visit your doctor for further help, as your case may be more severe than this solution can handle.

Unfortunately, every product won’t suit every person, and in the case of eradicating nail fungus, that is even truer.

Hongosan Fungal Killer Review

The Positives

Easy to Use

It doesn’t get much easier to use than this. There’s no need to use a complicated machine, visit your doctor multiple times, or apply a multi-step solution to your infected area.

On the contrary, using Hongosan is no different from painting your nails, except for the need to do it a little more often. Once the treatment has dried, you can proceed with your day.

This treatment is a great alternative to invasive, lengthier treatments, and are great for those with busy schedules too. Since it’s so easy to use, you won’t have an excuse to skip your treatments, meaning this is more likely to be the solution that works.

Works to Kill Fungus

According to users, the Hongosan Fungal Killer really works.

The time needed to witness results will vary from person to person, but many users were pleased to discover an effective over-the-counter treatment for their fungus issues.

A few testers experienced a drastic improvement within a couple of days, while others didn’t see results for several weeks.

However, there was no need to visit a doctor or invest in other treatment methods; the issue was dealt with privately, cleanly, and effectively.

As a bonus, the Fungal Killer solution can relieve itchy or burning sensations caused by fungus, allowing you to enjoy a reprieve even before you can visually recognize the effects.

Works on All Kinds of Nails

Most anti-fungus solutions require you to strip off polish or remove acrylic nails before using the treatment, as these can create barriers between the chemicals and the fungus they’re intended to kill.

However, you may dislike the natural appearance of your nail (especially when it’s infected) or you may have invested quite a bit of money in your acrylics.

Luckily, Hongosan Fungal Killer works even on painted, acrylic, or other types of fake nails. The solution is powerful enough to remove fungus even in delicate hiding places.

Also, because it’s made primarily of oils and plant essence, according to the manufacturer, it won’t hurt your nails either.


On Amazon, the Fungal Killer is under $20 for two bottles. That is substantially less than a doctor’s visit, a spendy electric treatment, or several other competing anti-fungus solutions on the market.


As such, you no longer have to suffer from fungus because you can’t afford an expensive medication. This one suits nearly every budget!

The Negatives

No Information

There is very little information about the company or the product beyond its Amazon page. If you need help from customer service or are seeking more information, you are unlikely to find it.

There is a place to ask questions on their Amazon page, but otherwise, you’re left wanting. If you’re wary of the product to begin with, more information or support from the company could help with this.

However, since they lack a strong online presence, you’re forced to rely on user reviews or tester feedback provided in guides such as this one.

Slow Going

This product, in most cases, delivers results after six weeks – but for some, this is far too slow. A month and a half to cure a problem you’re experiencing daily requires a notable amount of patience.

If you don’t see results until the very end of this treatment plan, it can be a frustrating venture.

As such, if you’re seeking a speedy fix to your fingernail or toenail fungus, it’s wise to shop for a more expensive solution that works faster.

Didn’t Work for Everyone

As with any product like this, it doesn’t work for everyone. According to our testers, there were positive results – but also a few disappointments.

Specifically, there were cases of the solution providing no results at all, while others had to use it for longer than six weeks.

Over-the-counter solutions are a gamble, as they may not suit every person or the level of fungus they’re battling, especially if their condition is severe.

hongosan fungal killer

Overall Verdict

After combing through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Hongosan Fungal Killer. It’s easy to use, delivers predominantly good results, and is inexpensive.

While its treatment time is rather long, it’s not that unusual when compared to other competing solutions.

At its price, it’s a low-cost investment that may provide a clean, private fix to your fungus issue – without needing to visit a doctor.

Where to Buy the Hongosan Fungal Killer

This product may not be backed by a known brand, but given their customer and tester feedback, it seems like their on their way to becoming a go-to solution for those suffering from toenail fungus.

Even with great feedback though, it will be hard to find the Hongosan Fungal Killer in-store and online due to their lack of brand presence.

While we hope to see their products made to be more accessible, thankfully, for now, you’ll be able to find this nail fungus solution on Amazon.

hongosan review

That’s the end of our Hongosan review. Tempted to give this toenail fungus treatment a try?