AsaVea Fungus Stop Review

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Toenail fungus can be incredibly difficult to fight, especially if you lack the opportunity, money, or insurance to visit a doctor for a prescription.

Luckily, there are over the counter remedies strong enough to do the trick – and AsaVea Fungus Stop may be your perfect fix.

toenail fungus treatment

Based on tester feedback, it’s effective, safe, helps with discoloration in the nail, and is very easy to apply.

Sadly, not everyone has such a good experience with this fungus-fighting solution. Some users disliked its long treatment schedule or, after 4 weeks of use, saw no visible improvement in their symptoms. Others found it too expensive for the small amount you receive.

Is this popular opinion or just a bump in the road? Before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the AsaVea Fungus Stop solution.

AsaVea Fungus Stop: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.5 x 5.1 inches.
  • Item Weight: 1.6 oz.
  • Treatment Time: Four weeks.

How it Works

Before using the Asavea Fungus Stop treatment, you’ll first need to thoroughly wash and dry the area where you experience the fungus.

Since our feet – and hands – can accumulate a great deal of oil, dirt, and other debris throughout the day, it’s important that these areas are clean, so as to ensure the Fungus Stop can coat the surface without barriers.

After this, you can use the applicator brush to spread the solution over the entire affected area, including the top of the nail, under the nail, and on any skin surrounding it.

Fungus likes to hide in the nooks and crannies of your nail, so be sure the product adequately coats your cuticles and any other hidden places. While it shouldn’t be thick enough to drip, it should create a healthy layer over your skin and nail.

Let that absorb into the nail and skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, cover your foot with a sock to ensure the solution does not spread to your floor or furniture. This will also help prevent the fungus from spreading.

Do this twice a day for four weeks to see the best results. If you fail to see any improvement in four weeks, AsaVea recommends visiting a doctor, as your case may be more serious than their product is capable of handling.

AsaVea Fungus Stop Review

The Positives


According to testers, AsaVea Fungus Stop is very effective at killing and eliminating nail fungus on both fingernails and toenails. It takes only four weeks for the solution to begin working.

Once you apply the Fungus Stop, you should let it soak into the nail and the surrounding areas, as fungus has the nasty habit of spreading and being very difficult to eradicate.

This method helps cure it altogether, rather than battling one area that later becomes re-infected.

Users saw their fungus disappear in only weeks, found it stayed away, and they didn’t need to visit a doctor for a prescription.


Rather Fast Treatment Time

Most anti-fungus treatments require six weeks before you see results, if not longer. That’s quite an amount of time, especially if you need to seek out other treatments afterward, should it not be effective.

However, Fungus Stop can eradicate your infection within a single month. Since toenail fungus can be irritating, unsightly, and effortless to spread, a fast treatment option is of course preferable.

For very difficult cases, you may need to use the solution for an additional two weeks to completely eradicate the fungus, but you’ll see an improvement well before then.

For the grand majority, one month is all that’s needed to be fungus-free.

Easy to Use

The AsaVea Fungus Stop could not be easier to use. The application process takes no longer than 20 minutes in total, if you’re being extremely thorough, and can become a simple part of your morning and afternoon routine.

Since the bottle is rather small, it’s easy to store in your purse or pocket, should you need to apply it while on vacation or at work.

Unlike fungus treatments that require a machine or use of electricity, there’s no need for additional equipment or a complicated set-up; just unscrew the bottle, use the brush, and let it dry.

An easy to use solution means more people are likely to stick to it, resulting in quicker healing. Since this solution is less invasive than others, it’s a product that will be much less intimidating to users.

Helps with Discoloration

While there are several anti-fungus products on the market, few of them help with the discoloration of your nail, which can result from the treatment or the fungus itself.

While removing the infection is your main goal, lingering discoloration can be an eye-sore, requiring you to paint the nail or wait for it to grow out.

AsaVea Fungus Stop returns your nail to full strength, both in appearance and health, so you can forget the infection ever happened.


This treatment is also free of any harmful chemicals or allergy-triggering properties. As such, it’s entirely safe to use on your skin and nails.

Users had no adverse reactions, and if the treatment didn’t work for some, it didn’t result in any damage, irritation, redness, or discoloration to their skin or nails.

AsaVea does note on their Amazon product page that Fungus Stop is sold by physicians as well, so that is definitely a testament to their safety standard.

Obviously, it is for external use only, so make sure to be careful with it around small children.

antifungal toenail solution

The Negatives

Didn’t Work for All

Unfortunately, no single medical product is a perfect fit for every user.

Some testers either found no results after four weeks or failed to see results after a week or two and didn’t wait around to discover if things improved.

Their fungus issue may have been too strong for this type of over the counter product, or they may not have been using the product correctly.

In any case, some fungal infections need a stronger solution than this, and some treatment options aren’t suitable for certain people.

Small Bottle

While the AsaVea Fungus Stop is by no means as costly as prescription anti-fungal medications, it has the potential to be rather expensive.

At its price, the bottle contains only ⅔ of an ounce – or 20 mL. As such, if you require a longer treatment time or use an excess of the solution during your four weeks, you may need to purchase more, compounding the price.

It all depends on your budget and the severity of your case. If the fungus is bad enough, it may be worth it, especially if no other treatments seem to work for you.

asavea fungus stop review

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend AsaVea Fungus Stop. Based on tester feedback, it works excellently for both fingernail and toenail fungus.

It also improves any discoloration to your nail, restoring it to full strength without a need for polish or growing out the nail.

When it’s this easy to use and only requires a month to see results, it’s hard to find fault with the treatment.

However, the price adding up may be a deal-breaker, especially if this is your last resort before visiting a doctor. It, unfortunately, did not work for every user, but it did help a vast majority and prevented re-infections.

Since going to the doctor can be very expensive, something like this can be a great alternative. It’s worth a shot!

Where to Buy the AsaVea Fungus Stop

AsaVea may not be well known in the medical marketplace, but they do have a wide line of advanced styling tools and cosmetics with a large number of great reviews.

It’s clear they’re a brand that’s committed to beauty, and their Fungus Stop is a clear example. With tons of satisfied customers and rave reviews, this Fungus Stop has become a top product.

Even with this item being so popular, it will be hard to find it both in-store and online. For now, you’ll be able to find the AsaVea Fungus Stop on Amazon,

toenail fungus treatment

That’s all for our AsaVea Fungus Stop review. Curious to give it a try?