The 5 Best Shower Foot Scrubbers

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Our feet work hard for us — we spend all day walking about on them after all — so they definitely require some TLC to stay in top condition.

A shower foot scrubber is a great way to exfoliate and massage your feet and keep your skin smooth and soft and free from nasty foot conditions.

We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to buying shower foot scrubbers — including what you need to look out for and the best products on the market.

Let’s take it away…

What are Shower Foot Scrubbers?

There are various different types of foot scrubber for your shower, but all of them have some sort of bristles to clean your feet, to remove dead skin and to stimulate blood circulation to keep the new skin on your feet healthy and supple.

Designed to be used on the floor of your shower, foot scrubbers can be mats or flat brushes with either rubber or plastic bristles.

They normally have suction pads on their base so they stay securely in place allowing you to use them hands free during.

Simply add a little soap and rub your feet along the bristles whilst standing to thoroughly clean, exfoliate and massage them.

Pros and Cons of Shower Foot Scrubbers


  • Can help to eliminate certain foot conditions including:
    • Athlete’s foot
    • Fungal nail infections
    • Ringworm
  • Gets rid of cracked heels
  • Removes calluses
  • Massages and improves circulation
  • Relieves aching feet
  • Removes dead skin
  • Easy to use for people with limited mobility


  • Must be kept clean and dry when not in use to prevent bacterial growth
  • May require some balance if only one foot can be scrubbed at a time — perhaps consider investing in a shower rail

The Best Shower Foot Scrubbers

Zenguru Foot Scrubber Bath Mat

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This silicone rubber foot scrubber mat is equipped with hundreds of soft bristles of different lengths to get your feet scrupulously clean — even between the toes.

It gives all over massage and cleaning from heel to toe without you having to bend over or stretch to reach your feet.

There are powerful suction cups on the Zenguru foot scrubber which mean that once in place it won’t budge while in use, and it can even be attached to the inside of the tub to be used as a back cleaner and massager when taking a bath.


  • Stimulates acupuncture points for effective massage
  • Provides excellent relief from aches and pains
  • Good suction and stays in place
  • Large enough to fit both feet simultaneously — no need to balance
  • Easy to clean


  • There’s a strong plastic odor when you first unpack it that takes a few hours to fully dissipate

best shower foot scrubber

My Solemate Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner For Shower Floor

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Featuring a multitude of flexible silicone bristles to effectively clean and massage your feet, this in shower foot scrubber even has longer bristles at the front which work their way up in between your toes for an even better clean.

Daily use of this shower mat helps remove dead skin and alleviate dry skin problems, as well as keeping fungal foot infections at bay.

Strong suction cups on the base stop the foot scrubber from slipping about as you massage and scrub your feet.


  • Massage effect increases blood circulation
  • Convenient loop for hanging to dry after use
  • Leaves feet clean and soft
  • Holds soap suds well during use
  • Relieves foot pain


  • Again, a strong initial odor

best shower foot scrubber

KIAYACI Foot Brush Scrubber

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The KIAYACI Foot Brush Scrubber is designed with cleverly contoured bristles that are softer in the middle for the sole of the foot and stiffer and longer at the edges for an invigorating clean for the side of the foot to remove dry skin and calluses.

This shower foot scrubber is also impregnated with a fungicidal compound to eliminate fungal foot infections.

Anti-slip suction cups hold the brush in place during use, and it can be hung up afterwards out of the way.


  • Effectively cleans and massages
  • Good for stimulating circulation
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Can be hung up to dry


  • Suction cups could be stronger
  • Can only be used with one foot at a time

best shower foot scrubber

Noppor Bathroom Shower No Bending Feet Brush

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For super smooth heels, the slipper shaped Noppor Bathroom Shower No Bending Feet Brush has a built in removable pumice stone at the heel to gently rub and remove calluses and thick skin on the heel area.

The rest of the foot is cleaned and massaged with stiff bristles to leave them smooth and invigorated.

The base in covered in suction cups so that this foot shower scrubber sticks to the shower or bath. The slipper shape also ensures that you don’t need to precariously balance while scrubbing.


  • Good solution for the elderly or people with physical injuries
  • Bristles feel good on the feet
  • Gives a thorough clean
  • Fits most sizes of feet


  • Suction cups don’t adhere to all surfaces
  • Plastic strap can be uncomfortable

best shower foot scrubber

Body & Sole Soapy Soles Elite 3-in-1 Foot Care System

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Boasting three different textured surfaces for various levels of cleaning and massage, the Body & Sole Soapy Soles Elite 3-in-1 Foot Care System is the ultimate in foot cleaning.

There is one surface for massage, another for deep cleaning, and a third for stimulating blood circulation.

The central oval section can be filled with the soap product of your choice which is then distributed as you clean.

It can also be replaced by other Elite inserts including a pumice insert which can be bought separately.

Thanks to the suction feet this foot scrubber for shower stays fixed in place and doesn’t slip and slide around.


  • Ideal for pregnant women or people with limited mobility
  • Massages feet efficiently
  • Easy to clean and dry after use
  • Suction works well


  • Middle section can come loose if you use it too vigorously

best shower foot scrubber

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