HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath Review

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After a long day on your feet, what’s better than soaking them in a hot bath? That’s what the HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath provides.

To upgrade simple relaxation to advanced luxury, it also includes massage features, pumice stone, and brushes to make your feet look as good as they’ll feel.

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According to testers, it’s easy to use, great on achy feet, and simple to empty.

With that said, not everyone had such a relaxing time with this footbath. Some users encountered leaks and malfunctions, while others experienced a small amount of discomfort from the rollers and attachments.

Was this the majority opinion or the rare complaint? Let’s take a closer look at the HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath and find out.

HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath: The Details


The HoMedics footbath is 16.8 x 8.1 x 13.5 inches, establishing it as a medium-size footbath.

Heat Range

This footbath will heat the water up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit, just below the temperature of your average hot tub.

Number of Bubble Jets

There are no jets included on this footbath.

Motorized Massage Rollers?

The Foot Salon Pro comes with four motorized massage rollers, located in key positions to work at sore muscles.

Built-In Drain?

The HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath comes with an easy to use spout.

This can be opened to empty the water after each use and closed when you’re filling it again.

homedics footbath review

HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath Review

The Positives

Easy to Use

According to tester feedback, the HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath is effortless to use. To begin luxuriating, first, add water until the fill line is met inside the tub.

Then, plug in the footbath and wait for the water to reach temperature. The heat boost will ensure it warms up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit in only a couple of minutes.

Once the water is heated, you can dunk your feet in, turning on the vibration and/or the oxygen bubbles. You can also use the pedicure attachments to help smooth and polish your feet.

These rollers and the bubbles turn on and off easily at the press of a button, while the attachments need to be snapped into place.


A footbath’s main goal is to provide comfort, and, based on what testers are saying, the HoMedics fits the bill.

It accomplishes peak relaxation through the use of vibrating massage nodes, oxygen bubbles, and pedicure attachments.

Each works together or separately to lessen achy muscles, massage the skin, and smooth out rough patches.

As a result, your feet will be softer, cleaner, and refreshed by the end. As a bonus, you won’t have to pay the high prices of a salon or spa. It’s an all-around win!

homedics foot bath review

Good for Achy Feet

If you’re prone to muscle aches – from work, leisure, or just the build of your feet – you’ll have noticed hot baths rarely handle the issue effectively.

Luckily, the HoMedics footbath provides more than a warm soak. Testers loved how the massage nodes and bubbles worked on the deeper, sore parts of the heels, arches, and balls of their feet.

This is especially great if you don’t like people touching your feet or don’t have a spa nearby.

Easy to Empty

There’s no danger of messily spilling water on the bathroom floor as you empty this tub. HoMedics included a spout on the side, so you can easily drain the contents at a controlled pace with focused aim.

Once all the water is properly drained, the footbath is simple to wipe out and store away. No spills and no fuss. Just make sure to close the spout when you fill it up again!


A quality footbath in your home may sound like a costly effort. However, the HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath falls on the lower end of that scale, at under $100 on Amazon.

Instead of spending a ton of money on a single, professional, salon-quality foot massage, you can have that experience anytime you want for a one-time fee. As you can imagine, it’ll pay for itself in short order.

You don’t have to break the bank in order to treat yourself (and your feet) to a relaxing experience. HoMedics has you covered!

homedics foot bath review

The Negatives


A few testers did have issues with the Foot Salon Pro leaking. They would fill up the bath and set it in place, only to have it spill water all over their floor.

This wasn’t an overly common problem, so it’s likely the case of a few bad eggs escaping the manufacturing process.

Either way, before you use your footbath that first time, check the seals and lining for obvious cracks or holes. You can always use the one-year warranty if you need to replace it.

Hurt Feet

A few testers also experienced some pain from the massage nodes and/or the pedicure attachments. The vibration through the nodes was too intense for them.

As such, they couldn’t keep their feet in the bath for more than a couple of minutes before it grew too painful. If this is the case for you, stop using the product immediately.

There are many footbaths on the market, so it’s wise to find one that doesn’t massage as vigorously as this model.

Likewise, some testers found the attachments too sharp or hard, making them unusable for sensitive feet. Specifically, the pumice stone was painful on the skin, especially after testers’ feet were softened by the massage rollers.

Even still, this wasn’t a majority complaint. You know your body best, so if you’re sensitive to vibrations, massages, or prefer softer pedicure tools, this may not be the item for you.

homedics foot bath review


Unfortunately, there were also testers who had their footbath malfunction, with some models even ceasing to work entirely.

Most users turned the footbath on like normal but had it power down unexpectedly within minutes. When they turned it back on, it would only work for a couple of minutes before shutting down again.

This was not an overly common issue, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on, should you purchase this item. If it happens within a year of purchase, you can replace the footbath free of charge.

Overall Verdict

After looking through all the positives and negatives, we recommend the HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath.

It’s effortless to use, helps calm you down, eases pain in your feet, and is simple to empty. There isn’t much more to ask for in a product like this.

As long as you keep an eye out for leaks and possible malfunctions, you shouldn’t have any problems with this HoMedics footbath.

You can just sit back and let it ease all the tension and stress from your aching muscles.


With the busy lives our modern age calls for, we can be on our feet – standing or walking from place to place – for hours at a time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing running shoes or stilettos; after a while, your feet are going to hurt. That’s where a good footbath comes in handy.

With the Foot Salon Pro, you can turn on the massage rollers, the heat, and the vibrations, letting it take away all the damage we do to our feet every day.

Where to Buy the HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath

HoMedics has been around for decades, dedicating the brand to providing wellness and therapeutic products for the home.

Known for being affordable with quality products, HoMedics products are popular and can be found in stores around the globe. As such it won’t be hard finding the HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath both in-store and online.

It’s usually best to check home department stores and pharmacies, but you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this foot spa on Amazon.

homedics foot bath review

That’s the end of our HoMedics foot bath review. Tempted to give this a try?