HNC Fungus Treatment Laser Device Review

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The HNC Fungus Treatment Laser Device is an at-home laser treatment for toenail fungus that really works.

Everyone who’s ever been afflicted with nail fungus knows that the outward appearance of your nails is only the tip of the iceberg. When you have to deal with pain to the point where walking becomes awful, all you want is for it to just go away.

best laser treatment for toenail fungus

The HNC Laser Device is compact to the point where you can take it everywhere you go, with a long battery life so even treatment while on vacation is no problem.

You can’t take your doctor with you on a family trip, but at least the HNC Laser Device doesn’t take up much space.

Some people react poorly to medicine, while others just can’t afford going back to the doctor time and again to be treated for a chronic problem.

If you’re still looking to get the best treatment for toe nail fungus, received in the comfort of your own home, considering the HNC Laser Device could be the first step to recovery.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications first.

HNC Fungal Treatment Laser Device: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 2 x 1.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Treatment Time: Seven minutes per day for a prolonged period of time
  • Power: Battery

How It Works

At-home laser treatments are also known as ‘cold lasers,’ since they don’t heat up the skin and the most you’ll feel is a slightly warmer feeling while they’re working their magic. They are a combination of blue light energy and pulse laser radiation.

The blue light energy works on what can be considered the cosmetic level: it destroys the fungal cells on the outside of your nail.

By targeting the cells on the outer side of your skin, a dual effect is achieved. First of all, it improves the general look of your feet, while it also prevents the infection spreading to other toes.

The effects of the blue light energy are what most people use to determine the effectiveness of the treatment, since it produces the most visible effect.

The pulse laser radiation works on an invisible level, underneath the nail and skin, and targets the pathogens that make toe nail fungus such a chronic infection.

The pulse laser is as important to the process as the blue light, since this part of the treatment eradicates the source of your infection.

Using the HNC Laser is simplicity itself: you place the affected toe inside the device and turn it on. After waiting for seven minutes, the device will shut off and conclude the treatment.

There is no clean-up of any kind, and you can immediately move on to treat another toe, if necessary.

It is recommended to clean the HNC laser device if you are using it with more than one person.

This doesn’t have to do with spreading the fungus between you, but rather with the low chance that you might infect one another with something else.

Treatment should be performed daily, for at least several months, if you are to have lasting effects.
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HNC Fungus Treatment Laser Device Review

The Positives

Doctor Quality Treatment At Home

One of the most attractive features that an at-home laser kit provides is, of course, the fact that you can use it at home.

In the case of nail fungus, this means that you can save on the time and money costs that come with a doctor’s visit.

Of course, medical advice should not be skimped on.

But if it’s simply not an option, the HNC Laser device offers a good way out.

No Side Effects

There’s always a risk of allergies or simply a bad reaction to medicine. If you know your body will react poorly to a medicinal treatment, laser treatment is the only route left to take.

The cold laser treatment has been proven to have no side effects.

Easy to Use

The HNC Laser Device couldn’t work simpler.

Just turn it on, and seven minutes later, it will shut off again.

There’s no need to clean up afterward, and you can simply store it away until the next day.


Weighing little more than two ounces, this machine is subtle and easy to stow away just about anywhere.

If you know you’ll need to sleep overnight somewhere, tucking it away in the luggage is a cinch.

Relative Low Cost

Compared to repeated doctor visits, a one-time cost to purchase this device is almost negligible.

And should a family member also fall victim to nail fungus in the future, there are no issues with letting them use it as well. It’s a great investment.

Long Battery Life

A long battery life is a nice bonus in any device, and it hardly takes much electricity while you’re charging it up between uses.

The Negatives

Slow to Show

Dedication is the name of the game, and patience is a virtue you’ll have to practice when it comes to using laser treatment for toenail fungus.

If you want to get rid of that fungus, you’ll have to treat it daily. And while you’re treating it daily, you can’t expect it to show good results in a matter of weeks.

Though some people have reported that they see a noticeable difference in their first two weeks, the majority of people often need months to notice that things are getting better.

Fungus takes time to completely eradicate, so if you’re a speedy Joe, you might want to spend a few extra bucks and get medical treatment after all.

Takes Time

This is a feature that might be improved in future models, but it does need to be said. You will need some time to sit down and use the device.

If you only have one toe that needs treating, you’ll be done in seven minutes.

But every affected toe means an extra seven minutes of treatment.

In the future, it would be nice to see a model that allows your entire foot to be treated in one go. As it is, users will have to practice some patience.

Overall Verdict

The HNC Fungal Treatment Laser Device is recommended for pretty much everyone that’s suffering from toe nail fungus.

Especially those who have been chronically dealing with this infection might want to try this method. Other than that, patients who know they react poorly to medicine will also benefit from this conclusion.

One remark must be made: just as a medical treatment at the doctor must be followed up at home, following the same procedures during an at home treatment is equally important.

In order to get the best results, it is important to see to it that you maintain proper foot hygiene. If you are unsure on how to best establish this, please consult with a doctor.

It’s safe to say that the HNC Laser is a worthwhile investment.

The long battery life, the comfort of at-home use, and a guarantee of no side effects all contribute to its status as a pioneer in the field of at-home toenail fungus treatment.

Care has been taken to make it one of the easiest to use treatments available, both at home and on the go.

Maintaining happy, healthy feet might feel like an uphill battle, but the HNC Laser offers a worthwhile means to an end.

hnc fungus treatment laser device review

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