Happy Toes Laser Device Review

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The Happy Toes Laser device is ideal for sufferers of toenail fungus.

Not only is there a great deal of stigma surrounding toenail fungus, but getting rid of it can entail hundreds of dollars and multiple visits to your doctor.

toenail fungus laser treatment

In order to bring you relief, Infina has proudly unveiled their Happy Toes Laser device, which combines blue light and radiation technology to treat this condition in the comfort of your home – for a fraction of the price.

While this Happy Toes Laser device review has uncovered many good things, we couldn’t help but notice a few issues at stake also.

In particular, good results will only appear after long-term and consistent use, leaving no room for impatience or a touch of forgetfulness.

For those with a busy schedule or who seek fast results, is this device the wrong choice? Or do the results outweigh the effort? We’ve listed all the good and the bad, below, so you can make the ideal buying decision.

Happy Toes Laser Device: The Details


  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces.
  • Treatment Time: Initial results can be seen during the first six weeks, but continued use remains necessary until all fungus has grown out and been eradicated.
  • Power: Batteries, which are rechargeable by a wall-socket plug.

How It Works

The Happy Toes Laser Device is easy to use and therefore comes with a very low fear threshold. Admitting to outsiders that you have a fungus issue isn’t pleasant, even if those people are trained professionals.

Like most at-home laser treatments, this one uses a cold laser technology, which doesn’t heat up the skin and is extremely unlikely to cause pain, making it the perfect entry-level tool to help you overcome any dislike you may have for medical procedures.

This laser treatment for toenail fungus uses a combination of blue light energy and pulse laser radiation. The blue light targets visible fungus cells on the outside of your toenail and gives you immediate confirmation that something is actually happening when you use your laser device.

The pulse radiation works on a deeper level and accomplishes the grunt work. It delves under your skin and beneath the toenail, attacking the pathogens that make toenail fungus a chronic infection that just can’t be beaten otherwise.

Happy Toes laser device review

Since this part of the treatment eradicates the fungus at the root, it’s just as important, if not more so, than the blue light laser.

Using the Happy Toes device is simplistic, making it effortless to add to your daily and weekly schedule. Simply place the affected toe in the device and press the power button. Wait for the time prescribed in your instruction manual to pass – and that’s the end of your treatment for the day!

Repeat this process for every infected toe or fingernail until you discover that the nail has completely regenerated. This treatment does not rely on additional oils, creams, or bandages, making it easy to clean up afterward.

Bringing the device on work trips or vacations is simple, as there won’t be a lengthy unpacking process – which an otherwise elaborate treatment would call for.

While some users prefer to use this treatment only once a day or even once a week, you can increase your usage as you see fit. Be sure to read the added guidelines and, if possible, ask your doctor for advice if you want to exceed limitations.

Happy Toes Laser Device Review

The Positives

Skip Expensive Treatment

Seeking treatment for toenail fungus can be an expensive affair, especially if you happen to have recurring cases of it. However, thanks to a one-time purchase of a toenail fungus laser device, you can skip the doctor visits and protect your budget.

There are no added accessories which need replacing and the rechargeable batteries even save you on the cost of AAs.

This does wonders for people on a fixed income since doctor bills can easily reach into the hundreds if one of your toes has managed to infect the others.

This also means those on a budget will have more easy access to solutions that may fix their stubborn problem, and they won’t be left with a bigger one (ie. an expensive bill).

No Commutes Ever Again

Saving money is pretty sweet, but saving time can be even sweeter. Doctor visits may take several hours per session (in the waiting time, if nothing else), in addition to the time spent commuting to and from their office.

toenail fungus laser device

However, using the Happy Toes laser device means allocating a few minutes to treatment, putting away the device, and going on with your life.

This can be done before bed, as you wake up in the morning, or while you’re enjoying a Netflix series.

That aspect is one of the best reasons to try at-home remedies because no matter how nice your doctor is, they will never be able to beat a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Having easy access to your treatment, and making it easy to use, makes it much less of a hassle to commit to your treatment, meaning that your chances of getting rid of the fungus increases.

No Complications

Thanks to the use of cold laser technology, which doesn’t rely on brutally handling your skin, you’ll find there’s little chance for further complications.

No burns, no scraping, no cutting; all that’s necessary is that you consistently maintain your treatment routine. With enough time, you’ll find your condition improving.

Many doctors use this technology as well, making pain a distant concern, but it’s even more comforting to know that an at-home treatment won’t counterbalance convenience with discomfort.

Easy to Pack

Traveling can be hard when you have regular doctor appointments to keep. If your doctor happens to be a palm-sized machine that fits perfectly in your luggage, that’s a different story.

The battery can easily last on short trips, while recharging (or just bringing some spare batteries) can help on longer trips. This means there’ll be no excuses when it comes to keeping up with your treatment.

Its light enough to fit into your carry-on without making much of a weight difference and its compact size doesn’t make it an awkward travel companion.

The Happy Toe Laser beams with convenience and these are one of the many ways it helps make this process effortless.

No Awkward Feelings

Going to your doctor can be awkward. Explaining to family or friends why you have a doctor’s appointment can be uncomfortable.

There’s a stigma around nail fungus and we don’t really want to discuss it. If you want to avoid this particular chat with your doctor or family, give this machine a try. It’s private, easy to conceal, and gives lasting results.

Happy Toes Laser device review

The Negatives

Slow and Steady

Since this is a form of treatment that’s less invasive when compared to the procedures at your doctor’s office, you shouldn’t expect immediate results.

Slow and steady wins the race, and you can expect results to appear after a month or more.

However, if you want to get rid of the fungus in the speediest way possible, then a medical treatment administered by a professional is still your best choice.

Easy to Misplace

While easy and convenient to pack, this little laser device is also easy to misplace.

When traveling, be sure to check if you have it with you, since it’s notoriously easy to slip between the cracks if you don’t pay attention.

It could become expensive to replace after a while, and delays in treatment would dampen how soon you experience results.

Overall Verdict

The Happy Toes Laser Device is well-made, inexpensive (when compared to other treatment options), and is easy to store, use, or hide (if you like your privacy).

Overall, when it comes to a productive, at-home fix to your toenail fungus issues, few options sound better than this device.

While sticking to regular use may not be the easiest thing to do, we’re sure that those who are prepared to buckle up and commit will gain the results they desire.

Where to the Buy Happy Toes Laser Device

Happy Toes may not be a common health or medical brand seen on the shelves of pharmacies, but one thing’s for sure, this device isn’t to be ignored.

Recommended by experts, Happy Toes has done its job in providing an easy to use solution to those dealing with toenail fungus.

Thanks to satisfied customers, Happy Toes is growing in popularity and we can’t wait to see how this company grows over time.

Since they’re a lesser known brand though, it might be hard to find the Happy Toes Laser Device in-store and online. For now, you’ll be able to find this toenail fungus laser device on Amazon.

Happy Toes Laser Device review

That’s all for our Happy Toes Laser Device review. Tempted to give it a try?