Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment Review

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Fungal toenail infections are very common and something that we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

If you want to wear open toed shoes again and stop wearing socks in summer, then take a look at the Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment.

fungi nail toe and foot ointment

Fungal toenail infections can be easily treated, and with many ointments readily available in drugstores and online, it is a problem that can be easily solved!

There are many nail fungus solutions out there: one particular ointment known as Fungi Nail Toe And Foot Ointment has been known to work for many individuals — being labelled as one of the best treatments for toenail fungus.

This review will help you understand everything about the product, the ingredients in the ointment, and all the pros and cons to see whether this solution is right for you.

Fungi Nail Toe & Foot Ointment: What is it?

The Fungi Nail Toe And Foot Ointment promises a fast action and maximum strength anti-fungal cream that halts and eliminates the spread of athlete’s foot and toe fungus.

The ointment is designed to help relieve burning, itching, and redness while it soothes and moisturizes cracked and irritated skin. It is most particularly beneficial for those wanting to heal athlete’s foot, ringworm, and toenail fungus.

Fungi Nail ointment has a dual applicator: the wide-angle tip can be used to treat athlete’s foot, as you can spread the ointment thoroughly over the affected area.

The side view narrow tip is used specifically to apply the ointment under the nails and around the cuticle, more useful for treating toenail fungus.

It is advised that to accurately apply the Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment, you should first clean off your whole foot and the affected area with soap and then rinse with warm water.

You then simply apply a thin layer of the ointment carefully over the affected areas twice daily or as instructed by your doctor.

Remember to wear well-ventilated and well-fitting shoes once you are using the product.

The manufacturers advise that you should start to see and feel a difference within three to four weeks of using the product daily.

best toenail fungus treatment

Fungi Nail Ingredients

When you are applying strong ointments, you want to be sure that you aren’t using any dangerous chemicals on sensitive areas of your skin.

The Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment uses two active ingredients called Undecylenic Acid (5%) and Zinc Undecylenate (20%).

Both of these are known to be powerful anti-fungal ingredients that remove infections and prevent recurrence.

The ointment also includes the following inactive ingredients:

  • Emulsifying Wax NF
  • Methylparaben
  • Mineral Oil
  • Propylparaben
  • White Petrolatum.

Unfortunately, the packaging does not specify the percentage of each inactive ingredient, so you may need to contact the manufacturer to obtain those details.

When using any form of pharmaceutical product, it is always best to ensure that you do not have any allergies to any of the ingredients and to test a small area of the skin first, before using it properly.

fungi nail toe and foot ointment review

Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment Review

The Pros

The Fungi Nail Toe And Foot Ointment is priced very reasonably and can be found readily available online: therefore, getting hold of the product and stocking up on it is easy.

This product has had numerous excellent reviews and has proven to be very useful against many foot fungal problems. It’s particularly helpful with curing toenail fungus.

Another great aspect of this product is the money-back guarantee. If negative side effects do occur upon use of the Fungi Nail Toe And Foot Ointment, the manufacturer offers you a full refund.

If the ointment did not prove to be useful or help alleviate your fungal infection, you can mail a copy of your receipt along with your proof of purchase (the UPC barcode located on the package) or the wrapper from the bottle, and you should receive a hassle-free return of all your cash.

Having this option really helps customers, as you know that even if the product does not work, you are guaranteed to wash your hands of it at no cost to yourself. 

fungi nail review

The Cons

There have been some concerns regarding the dual applicator. Many users have found the applicator difficult to use at first, and getting used to the nozzle can be time consuming and frustrating.

It is always helpful to read through the instructions carefully and even to watch the  instructional video before applying the product if you’re struggling to visualize how to use it.

Once you get used to using the applicator, it’s a fairly straight-forward ointment to apply and use.

Overall Verdict

The Fungi Nail Toe And Foot Ointment is very effective at helping treat athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Plus, with the money-back guarantee you can be reassured that even if it does not work for you, you are able to try another product and not be worse off.

When it comes to handling this common problem easily and at home, this option provides a cost effective solution. It’s hard to go wrong with it.

fungi nail toe and foot review

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