Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Review

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It’s no exaggeration to say that nail fungus is never fun to deal with. Even though millions of Americans deal with it every year, it is common for individuals to feel embarrassed or ashamed of the situation.

This can lead to tedious, expensive visits to the doctor, or even reluctance to go on vacations that might require removing footwear, such as trips to the pool or beach.

Bu-Tec offers a discreet solution to this problem with its Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment. This laser device for toenail fungus is small – barely larger than a finger or toe itself – but powerful, meant to be used for a mere seven minutes per day.

toenail fungus laser treatment

The laser light blasts away fungus without harming nails, skin, or causing any pain at all, and is easy to use in the safety and comfort of one’s own home, requiring no bulky instruments or any extra creams, sprays, or medicines.

Though it can take a few months to see complete results in your newly-grown nails, some users see a difference as early as a week after the treatment begins.

Also, between the laser device itself and the included shoe sterilization kit, which kills any remaining fungus in your footwear, this laser treatment for toenail fungus not only gets rid of fungal infections but also keeps them away, all the while allowing the user to take control of their health and maintain their privacy.

If you’re wondering whether this laser treatment for toenail fungus is the right one for your needs, take a look at the details below.

Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 1.5 x 1.75 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.1 ounces (1.4 lbs shipping weight)
  • Treatment Time: 7 minute sessions; complete results in 3 to 4 months
  • Power: Battery, rechargeable with a power adapter

How It Works

This compact, lightweight laser device for toenail fungus is simple to use, coming with complete instructions as well as a downloadable e-book link for additional interest and a free shoe sterilization kit.

The Bu-Tec Nail Fungus Laser Device works to eliminate fungus on finger or toenails, nail beds, and cuticles.

The device only requires that you press down on one end of the device to open it, place the device’s open end on the toe or finger that needs care, and then push its clearly-labelled laser light power button.

The treatment involves a one-hundred percent safe laser light that uses selective photo thermolysis to eliminate the infection. After seven minutes of painless treatment, the laser automatically shuts itself off.

An operating light indicator on the device turns on and off to let you know that it has begun or has finished operating. There is no clean up necessary afterward, so you can pack it all away and continue with your day effortlessly!

The battery of this laser device is rechargeable via the included electrical plug-in adapter, and only requires three to four hours of charge time to be ready for use once again.

laser treatment for toenail fungus

Its small size and short use time mean that this device may be called upon wherever and whenever is most convenient for the user, from the comfort of your home to any vacation spot.

The laser quickly kills nail fungus without causing any uncomfortable side effects, revealing some results in little more than a week – and full results in three to four months as the new and healthy nail grows in.

The included free downloadable e-book, titled The Secret Health Finder: How to Unleash Medical Miracles in Your Body, includes more information for the health-conscious consumer about various useful ways to stay healthy in many different parts of your body and aspects of your life. Simply follow the link included with the purchased product to access the e-book.

Also, for those concerned about fungus remnants in your footwear that might re-introduce infection to an otherwise cured foot, the included UV Shoe Sterilization Kit tackles those fears with the same technology that the laser treatment device uses to kill the fungus in your finger or toe.

Used together with the laser device, this treatment package not only gets rid of nail fungus, but keeps it away, without requiring uncomfortable creams, sprays, or lengthy, embarrassing visits to the doctor.

Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Review

The Positives

The Most Important Feature: the Device Works!

Between the laser device for toenail fungus itself and the UV shoe sanitation kit, Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment users find their infected nails clearing up anywhere from a week to a couple months after beginning use of this product, ending up with healthier nails and happier minds.

A Handy and Discreet Laser Treatment Device

For some people dealing with fungal infections, it can be inconvenient or even embarrassing to put time, money, and emotional investment into scheduling appointments with doctors, answering invasive questions about their condition and trying different prescribed creams or sprays that require staying on the body for a long period of time.

This small, handy device is not only cheaper than most prescribed treatments – it allows for more discretion and privacy for the user, creating a sense of comfort and control over the situation as you handle your health from the safety and familiarity of your own home.

Additionally, the small size of this laser device for toenail fungus allows users to take it with them on trips, making it possible to handle your treatment while you might be on the go and unable to regularly visit your doctor or pharmacy.

Shoe Sanitation Kit Provides Vital Attention to Detail

When it comes to fungal infections, some treatments focus only on the specific portion of the problem that lies in the fingernail or toenail itself and end up ignoring the bigger picture.

Re-using a shoe that has held an infected foot can easily result in re-introducing the infection. With the included UV Sanitation Kit, Bu-Tec notices this potential problem and provides an easy way around it.

bu nail fungus laser treatment

This saves users from having to throw out their shoes or go through expensive cleaning procedures by using laser light technology to kill any remaining fungal matter that might be lurking in the clothing.

The Company Aims to Please

And not just by offering a quality, efficient, and simple product. Bu has also included a 1-year warranty with the purchase of their laser device to ease any worries that you may have about using it.

Should you have any concerns or problems that arise while using the device, simply contact the company and they will issue a replacement or a refund at little hassle to you.

Their ‘no questions asked’ policy makes it easy to venture into a product that could be your saving solution with less of a risk.

The Negatives

It May Take a While to See Results

Our one concern about the Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment is the potential overall length of treatment.

Though individual treatment sessions are only seven minutes long, it might take three to four months to see results in your nails and skin, as the old infected nail grows out to be replaced with a healthy nail.

As a result, it might be difficult to tell whether the laser treatment for toenail fungus is working, which could be frustrating for some users, especially if they have additional health problems that might complicate this kind of treatment.

Not for Everyone

Everyone’s body is made differently which is a beautiful thing – but it can be annoying when one thing works amazingly for someone but doesn’t seem to be doing the same for you.

While many customers rave about the satisfaction they receive while using the Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment, others end up seeking other solutions.

Thanks to their warranty, you’ll have a year to figure out if this device really works for you or not.

bu nail fungus laser treatment

Overall Verdict

We would recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple cure for nail fungal infections and who do not currently have the time or money to invest in lengthy, invasive doctor appointments.

Of course, we also recommend communicating with your doctor about any other medical concerns you might have that might complicate laser treatment for toenail fungus, especially if it is not clear after the first week whether this treatment is working.

Where to Buy the Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

While the Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment is an easy-to-use device that offers a simple solution to an annoying problem, it’s still a new device which can make it tricky to locate in-store or online.

It’s always best to check your local specialty shops, or with specialists themselves, to see if they have this device available.

However, it can easily be found on Amazon.

laser treatment for toenail fungus

That’s all for our review on the Bu Nail Fungus Laser Treatment. Curious enough to give it a go?