Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX Treatment Machine Review

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If you’ve been seeking a way to discreetly and efficiently treat your toenail fungus, it’s no surprise that you’ve stumbled upon the Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX Treatment Machine.

Using a combination of fungicide carbon dye and electric power, this laser treatment machine attacks the unhealthy spore cells without harming your skin or healthy nails. The result is zero toenail fungus – without ruining your feet!

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The majority of the testers reported seeing a positive change within two weeks, while almost everybody found that a month to six weeks was enough to make a real difference.

This machine may be both efficient and fast, but we all know there has to be a downside to such quick results. Is it a great alternative to visiting the doctor, or is it more money than it’s worth?

Here we break down all the good and bad of the Biotechnique Advance, so you can make the best buying decision for yourself.

Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX Treatment Machine: The Details


  • Item Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Treatment Time: First results in one to two weeks.
  • Power: Power-outlet; voltage between 110 and 240 volts.
  • Warranty: One year.

How It Works

The Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX Treatment Machine has decided to focus on the power of electricity to rid you of your pesky issue. All that’s necessary is to plug your machine into any nearby power outlet and turn it on.

Spread the added fungicide carbon dye on the afflicted areas to enhance the efficiency of your treatment – and you’re good to go!

Simply point the pen at the afflicted spot and keep the power aimed there for a few seconds. Don’t forget to treat the surrounding areas as well, since missing these can result in the fungus spreading anew from areas that haven’t been treated yet.

The electric power focuses on destroying the Onychomycosis Fungus (a technical term for toenail fungus) that resides below your skin without interfering with your own cells.

Because of this, the healthy nail and skin remain unaffected, allowing you to quickly see new results. Just be sure not to press the pointer onto your skin directly, as this will limit its effectiveness and may harm your skin.

Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX Treatment Machine Review

The Positives


The Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX is one of the best laser treatment devices for toe fungus you can find, thanks to its durability.

It’s been designed to withstand around 5000 hours of continuous use, meaning it will certainly last for years! This isn’t a bad deal, considering toenail fungus can keep returning when you least expect it, so it’s great to have on hand.

Only Harms Fungus, Not You!

Some treatments harness dangerous chemicals or heating techniques in order to kill fungus, and while this does provide results, it can also harm the healthy surrounding skin and nail.

Luckily, this device uses a combination of anti-fungal dye and electricity to only target the fungus; your skin and healthy nail won’t even notice the difference!

No one wants a machine that fixes one problem yet causes another and you won’t have to worry about any troubles with the Biotechnique Advance Treatment Machine.

Quick, Visible Results

We want our feet to be presentable, especially when the weather starts to heat up and sandals start becoming a necessity.

Most at-home treatments promise results ‘after a while,’ making it difficult to track your progress and plan ahead.

Faster results mean customers will be more inclined to use the device, instead of feeling discouraged from having to use it for a while before seeing results, and in turn leading them to neglect using their treatment.

With this device though, more than seven out of ten testers have reported seeing visible changes in less than two weeks, which is an impressive score for an at-home remedy.

If you’re looking for proof that this type of treatment is working for you, you may just find it in the Biotechnique Advance.

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Time Saver

Getting to and from the doctor is tiring. If you even manage to commute when traffic is low, there’s still waiting times at the office itself, and let’s face it – you could be doing other things with your time.

The Biotechnique device can be used in the privacy of your own home, at your leisure, allowing you to take control of your treatment – and the time it requires.

You’ll have easier access to your treatment from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll be saving time (and money) on commuting to and from the doctor’s office – which can again, become a daunting task that deters you from treatment.

This device doesn’t way a hefty amount, making it easy to take with you should you need to continue treatment on vacation or on a business trip, adding more convenience to your device.

Easy to Use

Some anti-fungus treatments are complicated and difficult to use.

The idea of at-home treatment is a convenience, but if the machine itself is less than intuitive, you may end up using it incorrectly or potentially harming yourself in the process – if you manage to get any results at all.

Luckily, the Biotechnique Advance comes with multiple guides to help you adopt this treatment plan into your daily routine, including PDF guides and instruction manuals.

Once you’ve read up on the process, applying the treatment will become a thoughtless routine after the first session.

Professional Appearance

While a cheaply made and smaller laser treatment device can seem like a better option, the Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX looks sleek and professional.

The product page itself claims it’s the same machine used in many doctors’ offices, further guaranteeing you the same quality results you’d find after booking an expensive appointment.

Of course, good looks don’t mean that the inside is just as appealing, but we found the overall appearance matched up exactly with our expectations.

The Negatives

Not For Consistent Travel

Toenail fungus treatments require consistency to provide the best results.

However, if you lead an active lifestyle and often find yourself boarding planes or trains for either work or recreation, you likely can’t bring this machine with you.

It’s bulky in size and complicated to pack, meaning you’ll have to schedule your treatments around your traveling schedule – or pack this clunky (though lightweight) device into a second bag.

Power Outlet Needed

Even if you stay at home, the Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX needs to be connected to a power outlet via a cord, which tethers you to the nearest wall.

This is especially uncomfortable if your outlets are located inconveniently (like across a counter in a bathroom), forcing you to perch awkwardly during treatment, when a battery option would be far more convenient.

Very Expensive

At nearly $800 on Amazon, this is no small investment. In the same way that other versions are more portable, you’ll also find that they are cheaper than the Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX.

While the credo ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly true, the higher price tag makes this machine not something you can just ‘test out.’

Even more concerning, the price of this device may not outweigh the expenses of a doctor appointment and a commute, even if you have to do so several times a month over several years.

best laser treatment for toenail fungus

Overall Verdict

The Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX is a top of the line at-home toenail fungus treatment that promises (and delivers) fast results.

With the majority of testers feeling that this machine gave them a visible improvement in less than a month, it’s safe to say that this is a wise purchase for quality, long-term results.

With all that said it has quite a price tag. While the overall build and durability of the Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX is one that promises you’ll be using it for a long time, the cost is not to be taken lightly. If it’s your first time encountering toenail fungus and it doesn’t seem too bad, we advise you seek other solutions.

However, if you’ve been suffering from the condition on and off for years, going to the doctor that often can begin to drain your resources.

Fast, quality results may outweigh the expense if you suffer routinely from this condition, and especially if you can share the device with a friend or family member who is also afflicted with toenail fungus.

Where to Buy the Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX Treatment Machine

With a specialty in laser technology, Biotechnique has a number of devices under their belt including high-quality devices meant to be used in professional environments.

While you may not see items from this brand offered in-store by retailers, you’ll be able to find their products online. That being said, Biotechnique Advance is a niche company, making their items limited by where they can be found.

While it’s usually best to check specialty or medical stores, you’ll be sure to find the Biotechnique Advance DM9051-iDX Treatment Machine on Amazon.

DM9051-idX review

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